After twenty-five years of publication, the Cross-Cultural Shamanism Network has ceased publication of the printed version of Shaman’s Drum due to on-going financial losses. 

However, there is some positive news to come out of this unfortunate situation:

Roberta Louis, the former managing editor of Shaman’s Drum, has founded a new nonprofit organization, the Shaman’s Drum Foundation (SDF), which will endeavor to fill the hole left by the demise of the journal.

SDF is starting up a new on-line journal—Shaman’s Drum Online—to continue exploring experiential shamanism around the world, and to provide shamanic practitioners and the general public with a new, comprehensive source of educational material on shamanism. While the journal itself will be available by subscription, SDF'S website will also provide an archive of educational and historic shamanic material free to the public.

Once the new website is up and running, SDF plans to offer current Shaman's Drum subscribers a complimentary one-year on-line subscription. Subscriptions will be available at a reasonable price to everyone else.

SDF has also agreed to sell back issues of Shaman’s Drum (the old, print version) through its on-line store.

At present,
SDF is in the process of building this new endeavor from the ground up. To learn more about the Shaman’s Drum Foundation and Shaman’s Drum Online, visit .

Shaman's Drum Foundation, P.O. Box 339, Union, WA 98592

Please note:  SDF has purchased this domain name from the Cross-Cultural Shamanism Network. To reach the old Shaman's Drum office, please write to:
Shaman's Drum, PO Box 270, Williams, OR 97544.